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Structural steel refers to a category of steel specifically designed and manufactured for use in constructing load-bearing structures and frameworks. It is a vital material in the construction and engineering industries due to its exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. Structural steel is commonly used to create the framework of buildings, bridges, industrial facilities, and other large-scale structures.

The unique properties of structural steel, including its high strength-to-weight ratio and malleability, allow architects and engineers to design and build structures that can withstand significant loads, stresses, and environmental conditions. It comes in various shapes and forms, such as beams, columns, channels, angles, plates, and hollow sections, each serving a specific purpose in supporting and distributing loads.

Structural steel is often fabricated off-site, where it is cut, shaped, and assembled into the required components. These components are then transported to the construction site and assembled to form the skeletal framework of the structure. The use ofstructural steel contributes to the overall stability, safety, and longevity of buildings and infrastructure projects, making it an essential material in modern construction practices.



The wide flange beam, a fundamental structural element in
engineering and construction, is characterized by its distinctive "I" shape. Comprising of a flange at the top and bottom...



Angle, refers to a structural steel section characterized by its L-shaped cross-sectional profile. Angles are created by bending a flat steel bar at a 90-degree angle, resulting in two legs....



Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) represent a significant category of steel profiles characterized by their hollow, tubular shapes. These sections are manufactured through a meticulous...



Channel refers to a structural steel section characterized by its distinctive U-shaped cross-sectional profile. Created by rolling or bending steel sheets, channels possess a wide range...


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