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Pacifica Piling offers premium-grade steel products to clients in the United States and Canada. Our strategically located storage yards are designed to effectively meet your project requirements.

Our primary goal is to redefine the perception of steel suppliers within the industry. Leveraging our extensive market and product expertise, we are committed to consistently delivering outstanding customer service. As a burgeoning leader in material supply for the energy sector and heavy civil industries, our seasoned team is dedicated to providing quality products at competitive value across North America.

Explore our comprehensive range of steel offerings; from wide flange beams to hollow structural sections, from piling solutions to merchant bars, we have meticulously curated our product portfolio to serve as a one-stop solution for all your steel requirements.




Rick Cable is the founder and driving force behind Pacifica Piling LP. With a career spanning several decades, Rick has solidified his reputation as a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As Pacifica Piling LP continues to thrive under his guidance, his unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction remains the cornerstone of the company's success. With Rick at the helm, Pacifica Piling LP is poised to continue its legacy of delivering superior steel solutions and exceptional service to clients cross North America.



Meet Doug Shantz, a devoted Steel Sales Representative representing Pacifica Piling. With 40+ years in the steel industry, Doug began his steel journey with Dominion Bridge in the fabrication shop before moving to the steel warehouse and then into the sales team. Drawing from an extensive understanding of market dynamics and a comprehensive product knowledge, he excels in tailoring recommendations to impeccably suit project requirements. Partnering with Pacifica Piling guarantees an exceptional experience under Doug's guidance, characterized by reliability and meticulous attention to detail. Beyond his professional pursuits, Doug enjoys spending time with family and friends, he is an avid golfer, he has been involved with minor hockey for much of his life. Let Doug assist you in constructing a sturdy foundation for success, fortified by the enduring might of quality steel.



Jake Sadowick, a key contributor to Pacifica Piling, brings a commitment to sustainable practices in the steel industry and a strong focus on exceptional customer service. In addition to his valuable contributions to the team, he dedicates his spare time to outdoor pursuits such as fishing and golf, reflecting his appreciation for both the challenges of nature and the pursuit of excellence. Jake is proud to be an integral part of Pacifica Piling as we continue to be an industry trailblazer, redefining standards in steel production and leaving a lasting legacy in the industry. Contact Jake for any of your piling needs.



With a career spanning over a decade in "business-to-business" sales, Mike Shearme has established himself as a results-oriented professional. Currently serving a pivotal role at Pacifica Piling for the past two years, Mike has consistently demonstrated strategic acumen in facilitating the success of high-performing companies. His proficiency extends across diverse industries, where he meticulously assists clients in achieving their objectives within predefined budgetary parameters. Mike's reputation as a sought-after figure in the business community is underscored by his commitment to excellence. Beyond the professional realm, he engages in recreational pursuits such as golf, fishing, camping, and snowboarding, showcasing a well-rounded individual dedicated to both professional and personal pursuits.



Dave Munk is one of our Sales Executive’s with over 30 years experience in the steel industry. Dave started his steel career, working as a yardman. Eventually taking on the positions of Lead Hand of the yard, Plasma Operator, Shear, Brake Operator, Hyd-Mech Saw Operator and Inside Steel Sales. Dave’s past experiences in all areas of the steel industry has provided a wealth of knowledge, which he brings with him to our Steel Sales team. Dave’s sales approach is to build long lasting, trustworthy relationships with all of his customers. Dave, and the Sales Team at Pacifica Piling look forward to the opportunity to help you with any steel needs you may have.



Mathieu Poupart Brunelle, a sales engineer, graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2011 and swiftly found his calling in the steel for foundation business. With a knack for merging technical expertise and sales acumen, Mathieu has excelled in his role, establishing enduring client relationships by understanding their unique needs. Beyond his professional achievements, Mathieu enjoys connecting with clients on a personal level. Whether on the golf course or the ski hill, he values spending quality time with customers. This combination of technical proficiency and a personable approach sets Mathieu apart in the competitive realm of steel for foundations.


Whether you're seeking quality products or expert solutions, we're here to forge lasting connections and support your steel needs

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